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Social Media Channels: Are You The One For Me?

July 18, 2016

How many social media channels are you using presently?  Research from one 2014 study advises on average over 45% of social media users are on one or more platforms to get whatever message they want out to the digital world.


That’s surely impressive but also provokes the question of whether or not you’re aware of some of the best uses of each channel.  Behold!  A quick easy guide to make sure you know which and where you’re logging in and getting social:


Facebook-The largest social media channel in use.  With over 1 billion users worldwide, not being on Facebook is a severe problem for businesses particularly.  A representation of your business or your brand is critical in the digital world.  Make sure you have a page and a consistent presence and link with others in your industry and area.  It is not uncommon for people today to review a brand on Facebook quicker than a Google search.


Twitter-Two words: Real Time.  Twitter is best for short, concise material in the moment.  It’s great to show a thorough presence over time on your account, however Twitter will definitely benefit you to work it in real time.  Think live events and hot topics.


Instagram-Excellent for the inner photog in us all.  If you are actively interested in food or fashion then get with this account ASAP.  If you are another criteria, no worries, simply create your content to be highly visually appealing and eye-catching.  This will grab attention in the main search homepage even at a glance.  No matter your field, make use of those hashtags!!


Pinterest-Every future bride, blogger, chef, parent, or business casual dresser’s dream.  In short, Pinterest works quite well for use as a digital scrapbook for all industries.  It’s clean forum offers an organized categorization of content making it designed incredibly well for referral traffic setup.


Snapchat-The other real time attendance recommendation.  Snapchat is fun and light-hearted which offers a quick approach to mentioning trends, organizations, and overall interest for something.  Like Twitter, it also is best used for “of the moment” topic discussion and even polling efforts.  It’s a great platform to let users grab hold of your content you initially disburse and let them share to their followers.


Hopefully this quick reference guide will come in handy when you’re choosing your next social media channel of choice.  Remember, your digital presence is what you make of it.  There’s a lot of power in that opportunity.

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