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Why You Should Hire Social Cap

June 10, 2016

Who We Are:


At Social Cap, you work with two individuals who bring thoughts to action and are professionally and educationally dedicated to hosting a New Media Agency.


-Megan is a Multimedia Maven with passions for writing, organizing, and studying trends and patterns of the digital world. Her favorite part of the process for designing media campaigns is the implementation of an outlined strategy.  She seeks creative expression through brand representation and is motivated by potential.  She believes in the power of communication and the effect brands can have for consumers with balanced and efficient messaging.


-On keyboards, we have Hunter, an Interactive Content Producer.  Hunter oversees digital design during both the creation and the logistical phases of a campaign.  His attention to detail is effective and contagious for strategy development, as he’s driven for producing top quality material.  His favorite part of a campaign is the initial transfer from what a client envisions to production.  He believes a straightforward and simple style generates massive outcome.


                                                                      Nice to meet you!




What We Know:


In 2016, Social Media presence is equal parts opportunistic and necessary for businesses of all shape and size.  It’s opportunistic because like never before retailers, employers, and companies have more insight to current and future consumers.  The range of growth is essentially sky high between analytic reporting and direct client connection via the web, which is where we have evolved to; we live in a society powered by real time social connectivity.


Social media gives the opportunity to develop digitally in the broadest sense. Search function through Internet usage ranks highest on feedback from a Pew Research Center report circa May 2011.  The article stating, “92% of online adults use search engines to find information on the Web”, also says email is the second most popular use for the Internet.  Imagine marketing campaigns that drive traffic through these consistent interactions.  The potential!


Social Media presence is a necessary addition to business now.  Business owners allowing growth and development up until this point have met goals without social media; however, it’s hard to say where it can get to next if its inception and management is neglected.


Which brings us back to the original premise of hiring Social Cap.  The best way to surmise our objectives:


-We work hard for our clients creating authentic, interactive strategy.

-We know the ins and outs of the Multimedia industry, the highs and lows for report measurement, and which platform elevates which campaign.

-Our focus is to generate talk and action from your clients about what it is you do.


Email today to discuss our newest summer package ideas: contactsocialcap@gmail.com

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