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#Hashtags: The New Yellow Page

May 26, 2016

We’ve been thinking again…


There we go, right?  Always with the thoughts!  After all, that is the way to the future, no?  You have to think, evolve, update, refresh, revisit, revitalize…


Since we do these things, the current item of thought pertains to hashtagging.  You know the thing that looks like a tic-tac-toe sign?  Or what the operator tells you to press on the phone when making your selection.  #Iwanttotalktoahumanplease.


As social media has boomed, hashtags have become increasingly useful when digitally marketing.  Why again?


According to Dictionary.com (aka personal favorite site of ours), a hashtag is “on social media sites such as Twitter) a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic.”   THIS is why it makes sense to use the ol’pound symbol when creating content you want people to find.  It’s like a newer yellow page system.


Now what’s most interesting about this definition is the reference directly to Twitter.  Once upon a time, Twitter served as the main social media channel using hashtags.  As most evolution happens however, numerous other sites rethought and hopped on the hashtag bus, Instagram being a big one.


Recent articles show shift in the power of using hashtags on Facebook.  While still not the biggest social media channel for hashtags, Facebook is headed that way.  So let’s help get it there.  Why?  Because hashtags help us sort searches and lead us towards endless pathways of organized information.  #Hashtagsmakemehappy.


                                                                      Image ViaPhoto Credit: Google Images


We suggest using no more than 5-6 total on a Facebook post.  Use 3-4 common search terms, for example if you were writing about say, the effects of hashtag usage for marketing, then you surely would benefit from trying out #socialmediamarketing.  We also suggest creating a few directly relevant to your effort.


Now, in the past, it has been advised to not get too crafty because it does make it hard to find your info if people aren’t looking for #funkymonkeyicecreamisboss.  But that was past advice.  We aren’t moving that way.  Going forward, create a couple that can be fun for your brand and let them grow into association with you. Funky Monkey Ice Cream deserves it’s own unique slogan too.




We hope this is helpful and wish you the very best in your #adventures.  See what we did there?  #endlesspossibilities.


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